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Company History

Present in Brazil and in the United States, DMC Equipmentos LTDA, is proud of the pioneering work present throughout the course of its history.

DMC was founded in 1998, in the city of São Carlos- Sao Paulo state, one of the largest high tech centers in the country and since its inception had the purpose to constantly develop new technologies for oral health.

DMC was the first industry in the world to develop the third and fourth generations of photopolymerization devices using LEDs as a light source, created and patented the photo-activation technology for tooth whitening which combines two types of light emitters of solid state (infrared diode laser and LEDs) and developed the most complete system of laser therapy available in the world's market.

With this experience and knowledge, the company develops the technology in their labs, where countless tests are performed before introducing the product on the market. With these tests, the discovery of new products is very fast, like the whitening gel based on annatto and juá.

Technology and social responsibility

Consequently, recognizing the technological potential, many traditional companies in the dental sector didn't delay to integrate customized solutions developed by DMC labs, in their product lines.

DMC funds projects like these and many others near the final phase, as well as their private labs protect the trade secrets of a product in the experimental phase.

Therefore, the DMC's priority is to encourage and sponsor research that incorporate the most modern concepts of integration between technology and social responsibility expressed in the preservation of the environment.

DMC is pleased to announce their latest partnership with the Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development of Dentistry (Fundecto), allowing students and patients to have free access to the latest technologies in the areas of photopolymerization, photoactivated tooth whitening and laser therapy.

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